Fen Tigers Ready To Roar

After a wet start to April has seen both the opening home fixtures for the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers called off, everyone involved with the club is hoping that finally the season can get underway as the Fen Tigers ‘Young Guns’ welcome the Plymouth ‘Devils’ to West Row.

Five of the seven did get some invaluable track time in at a wet British U21 semi final at Arlington last Saturday with new number one Josh Bailey and teenage star Drew Kemp both qualifying for the final at Berwick. Jordan Jenkins, Ryan Kinsley and Matt Marson all put in commendable performances at Eastbourne with Jenkins just missing out on the final.

The Plymouth ‘Devils’ arrive at Mildenhall led by two ex-Fen Tigers Adam Roynon and James Cockle and 2012 Fen Tiger Ryan Terry Daley. Missing from their line up will be teenage starlet Henry Atkins and the ‘Devils’ will operate rider replacement in his absence.

Promoter Kevin Jolly was looking forward to finally getting the season underway, he said “The last couple of weeks haven’t helped us but we are not the only ones, everyone is in the same boat. We will now just make sure when we do race we will make it bigger and better. I have been impressed by what I have seen from our boys, I think there is so much potential in this team and they are capable of far more than what their averages are now. There is a hunger and desire that I’ve not heard in a team for a long while.

I am sure our supporters cannot wait to see our 2018 ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers race and we are keeping everything crossed that this will happen on Sunday!’

Sunday team lineups:

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers: Josh Bailey 8.87, Sam Bebee 3.00, Jordan Jenkins (C) 7.19, Ryan Kinsley 4.53, Danny Ayres 8.38, Drew Kemp 3.00 and Matt Marson 3.00

Plymouth ‘Devils’: Adam Roynon (C) 9.67, Ryan Terry Daley 4.53, R/R (Henry Atkins 4.69), Bradley Andrews 4.68, James Cockle 7.83, Richard Andrews 4.45 and Macaulay Leek 3.00

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